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Me in Montreal, wearing a funky party hat so that you think I'm fun and interesting.

Me in Montreal, wearing a funky party hat so that you think I’m fun and interesting.

Apparently listing your “Bio” as opposed to “About Me” page is the industry standard. And far be it from me to go against industry standards. Obviously you don’t know me very well – yet. Read on!

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you want to learn more about me. And I need all the warmth I can get, because I’m Canadian ‘eh! I just felt the scowls from fellow Canadians, scolding me about perpetuating the stereotype. Sorry, ‘eh! Here have a donut, it’s almost time for the hockey game.

Born in Hamilton, Oakville raised, I now live in Milton, Ontario (I also spent stints in London, ON (x3) and Toronto). Other assorted breathing occupants of my household consist of husband Christopher, son Brendan and poochie Izzy (or Isabelle for long). I had a cactus, but it died.

University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University educated, I spent too much of my life working for a major Canadian bank. Now, I’m the Finance & Admin Manager for a sales company, which is a fancy way of saying, I’m the keeper of things and the doer of stuff no one else wants to keep or do.

Writing is my passion, my absolute favourite thing to do in the world. From blogs, to websites, to screenplays to novels – it doesn’t matter, I’m happiest when I can spin tales and string words together, particularly when I can immerse myself in a fantasy land of my own creation.

I’m a HUGE Joss Whedon fan – if you ever want to get into a lengthy discussion on the injustice of the cancellation of Firefly, debate who Buffy should have chosen or chat about Captain Peroxide, Captain Tightpants or Captain Hammer  – I’m your gal. Joss is my creative hero, Ricardo Semler is my business hero (I know you’re saying “Who?” – if you know who he is, then we may just have to be best buds).

I have spurts of obsessions where that person or thing or subject will be my entire focus pretty much night and day. They are usually short lived but sometimes they turn into long-term relationships. (Is it possible to have a one-sided relationship with a subject?) The latest object of my admiration compulsion stalking obsession are Norwegians, particularly the comedy group known as Kollektivet and a brother duo who go by the name of Ylvis (yes, “The Fox” guys). If you understand and appreciate the following: “Solsikke! Solsikke!” ; “We have aloe vera.” and “Squeeze my panda bear!”, then you and I will definitely NEED to be best buds.

I enjoy cooking and baking when I don’t have to – hate it when I do. I’m a perfectionist, which annoys me to no end, because I can’t just leave things alone, I have to constantly tweak to make them better. I love coffee, doggies, anything that makes me laugh, music, and warm summer nights when the breeze gently caresses your face. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan (new series, Classic scared the crap out of me as a child so now I have an aversion to it.), pretty much anything Joss Whedon has laid a finger on and Supernatural (and Arrow and The Flash and How to Get Away with Murder and a few others, but we’ll leave it at that). Aside from that I’m just your basic, everyday, has the potential to be normal, but kind of underachieves in that area – normal person.

Thanks for stopping by!

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