Well, It’s Not Going to Write Itself

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Small part of an infinite star field

The pieces of my story lie somewhere within this infinite star field. I’m hoping to find them. It might be a little challenging.

I’ll admit, for the past little bit I’ve been a very, very naughty little writer. And I don’t mean the R rated or NSFW type naughty either. I’ve been very bad about actually sitting in front of something and physically writing. I’ve still thought about my story and characters, I’ve discussed aspects with various people (okay, maybe only my son and Izzy, the dog) and I’ve jotted random notes down on scrap pieces of paper. Plus I have tons of notes on my Scrivener. But in terms of progression with pages of novel – well, not so much has happened in that department.

I’d call it the February blahs, except that it’s August and this has been going on since the beginning of December. I went into a writing frenzy trying to complete NaNoWriMo and since then I haven’t been able to really write. I came off my first NaNoWriMo in such a giddy state of euphoria, like the marathoner finishing his first race. That was in 2012. For 2013, it was a dismal failure. The worse part about it? I only failed by a little. Less than two thousand measly words. There’s nothing worse than failure, but to come so close and ultimately not make it? Devastating.

So take that and throw in all my real world problems along with a family emergency and you have all the makings for an impotent writer. Do they make some kind of writer Viagra? Is there a pill I can take that will return me to that glorious state of being able to create stories, to put down words to advance the plot, develop my characters and unveil their motivations, finishing in a crescendo of excitement and glory?

I thought maybe I would take a break from the world of The Destined. Put it aside and go back to work on the other things that were in progress when this whole behemoth very ungracefully crashed down onto me and would allow me to do nothing else but work on it. But as I try to go back to other projects, I can’t help this feeling of guilt and I can’t shake the nagging voice inside my head telling me I’m being unfaithful, that what I’m doing is wrong. Which of course is completely ridiculous, because writers work on multiple projects at the same time. No, The Destined storyline has grabbed a hold of me me and like a psychotic, jealous lover it refuses to let me pay attention to anything else.

So my apologies for being absent. Apologies for not progressing with my story. And I know all I’ve fed you is a pile of excuses and excuses don’t get things done. But I am trying. I have pep talks with myself everyday interwoven with severe tongue lashings played out inside my head. The end result is, no matter what I do, I just can’t move forward with it. I’m not sure what it will take to get me out of this crazy funk I’m in, but I sure hope I find it soon.


P.S. You can just go to hell SEO. I really don’t care if I’ve optimized things adequately. I’ve got bigger fish to pull out of the water before I can even fry them, so you can just go away now.