The world is in danger. Seven women are destined to save it.
Only problem is – they have better things to do.
The Destined Revolutions is a fantasy/supernatural series chronicling the adventures of seven extraordinary women, who must overcome their differences in order to save the world from a power-hungry hell god.

Decreed by an ancient prophecy, a group of women, known as The Destined, are fated to come together to battle a hell god who threatens the Earth. They reluctantly join together, all the while fighting heartbreak, tragedy, demons and each other. As they attempt to accomplish their mission, they ultimately discover startling information about themselves, their allies and the fate of the world.

Darkness BecomingBook One: Darkness Becoming

Desdemona Jaren’s perfectly normal life is shattered when she stumbles upon the brutal attack of her boyfriend, Chase. When his body vanishes, she is compelled to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. As her investigation progresses, she finds herself at the beginning of a chain of events leading to a horrific revelation – the existence of evil supernatural forces that threaten the Earth and her startling connection to them.