What’s the Sitch?*

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facebook_iconOkay, so I told you the reason why this blog exists in the world. Basically it’s a journal chronicling my adventures towards eventual publication of my masterpiece of a novel. Don’t worry, I’m not that conceited – I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. But I’m hoping the book will be very entertaining to the five people I’m anticipating will read it. So far I have two that have read it to date, so I’m well on my way to achieving my goals. I’m experiencing a mild sense of accomplishment.

So let’s start at the beginning, shall we? I had an idea for a story that very rudely interrupted my perfectly normal life. It was so brash and brazen, that I had to put everything aside and actually pay attention to it. Now most of my waking, free time and not-so-free-time (remember I warned you about the state of my house?) is spent working on this damn thing. I still pretty pissed off at it. That happened back in early July. That rude idea manifested itself into 220 Word pages (approximately 97 000 words as of this post) of what is known as Darkness Becoming, or One for short – the first novel in the The Destined Revolutions series.

I’ll spare you the writing process with One for now, but suffice it to say the story came relatively easy. The ideas poured out of me like Niagara Falls and it was an absolute joy to write. I was stunned and delighted at the story that emerged. (Unlike its sister sequel – Two, aka Darkness Gathering, aka “That #$%^ing Piece of @#%^“, was like trying to pass a stubborn kidney stone. Of course the fact that I even had to start writing it was One’s fault – One was supposed to be the material for NaNoWriMo but of course it made its appearance early and left me with no choice but to start Two. Just another reason why I’m still very bitter towards One – in fact sometimes I just want to set it on fire, I hate it so much**. But I digress – get used to it, I do it a lot.)

Just over a month after I started writing, my easy, free flowing novel that appeared to be writing itself, came to a screeching halt. I was totally and completely blocked. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, I could see where I wanted to go, but I just couldn’t get there. Incredibly frustrating. So instead of losing the momentum I had going with the story, I started thinking about the end of the writing journey, which was where the promotion journey would begin and decided to start there. So I have a website www.thedestinedrevolutions.com and now a  blog (you’re reading it, just in case you were looking for the link), which freeloads off of that location. I also participate in several writer’s websites.

And where is Darkness Becoming at this point? It’s almost a full-fledged novel, which I am in the process of editing. I say almost a novel because there are still a few key scenes/chapters I need to write for it. Mostly bridging how I got from here to there, so the reader understands the story better. If you want to see where I am to date, just head over to the main part of the site and you can get a pretty good feel for where I am in the writing process of any of the books I’m currently working on. I’m anticipating One will be out of my hair and ready to assault an unsuspecting public,  Summer 2013. But I’ve already had to push that date back several times. Despite writing most of One within a month, I far under estimated all the work that was involved after you write the first draft of your story. If you’re feeling all proud of yourself when you finally type those two glorious words – The End – at the bottom of your manuscript, if you’re feeling exhilarated because your blood, sweat and tears have finally manifested itself into a wonderful masterful piece of sheer brillance – don’t worry, it’s short lived. Now the real work begins. Yes, very anti-climactic, I know.

I guess the whole moral of this post is that I’m at the very beginning of my book writing journey. So you’re right on time and you’ll be right here with me at the start and we’ll journey through this together. Constant companions and BFFs.

And just so you know, I’m still holding a grudge against One.


That would be Buffy, not Kim.

**Ahhh! Yes, that’s exactly it. You’re very clever. Have a cookie.